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ARIAL Industries offers engineering services dedicated to transport in the following domains:

  • Mechanical Design
  • Electrical Installation
  • Calculation
  • Embedded software
  • Tests

ARIAL supports the main transportation market players on the whole engineering domains.

Examples of achievements for the Railway and Automotive Industry:

  • Design of test benches, Automation and control
  • Design and Calculations on Bogies
  • Electrical installation for Renault and Alstom trams, including the diagrams
  • Engine Optimization studies and calculation
  • Design and detailed studies of FAURECIA armchairs mechanisms
  • Plastic injection and cushioning processes
  • Handling and maintenance tools

ARIAL invests in innovation

Submission of an’Enveloppe Soleau”(prior to patent filing) on a collision detection device.

Sens, France - 15 September: A french high speed train passing through a field.